Most people in the communications field dream about working for major companies such as Conde Nast, Clear Channel and Viacom. So why is it that three dudes who landed jobs with MTV Networks decided to ditch and travel America? The Unplanned America team, which consists of three Australians, Pawel, Gonzo and Nick, decided that they were tired of dealing with the long and frustrating process of working with a big international company. The politics of the approval process was enough to drive one crazy and they just wanted to create original content on their own terms.

Enter: Unplanned America, a project that experiments with the idea of traveling around the states without any plans.

Why America you may ask? “I think you’d be hard pressed to find a country that has as much diversity between it’s state lines and there’s generally a lot of weird shit going on. As they say, only in America,” explains Pawel.

Though Pawel explains that he has traveled with itineraries before and it was not boring, this spontaneous way of travel is much more interesting; “You never know where you’ll be next week or whose floor you’ll wind up sleeping on. We’ve already made so many good friends who’ve welcomed us into their homes and cities.”

Visiting towns that have always been fascinating to the members of the group is just the beginning on deciding where to travel to next. With minimal initial research done on the states, this group has decided to leave their visitation plans to locals. Besides chatting with people they run into, fans who have visited their Facebook and website left tips and suggestions. Most recommendations are ones that mainstream media have not covered yet, which make their discoveries even more intriguing.

Spontaneous adventures are bound to bring incredible memories so it is no surprise that Unplanned America has some wacky ones.

“Being tasered in South Padre Island, getting a month long poison ivy rash in Austin, having an organ removed in Oregon. Wait, did you say favorite? Ummm, the whole trip has been pretty incredible so far but the highlights have probably been going on patrol with real life superheroes in Seattle, hanging out off the grid with drifters in Slab City in the Cali desert, going on set of Austin Powers XXX porno and just rolling around the Texas desert. In terms of cities, I’d say our two favorites so far have been Austin and Portland, which funnily enough share the same slogan ‘Keep (insert city name here) Weird,’” says Pawel.

Don’t worry; the Unplanned America gang will be visiting the streets of New York City in the near future. Hoping to get involved with the Voguing and hip-hop scenes is just the beginning of their plans.

“We’re trying to get hold of Joey Bada$$ for an interview and to roll around with him. Hopefully he’s got some time for a few chumps from Sydney,” Pawel explains.

So what’s next? There are only fifty states here in America and eventually they’ll conquer the best of the best.

“If the inevitable fame and fortune that follows doesn’t tear us apart, then hell yeah we’d be down for taking the show on the road to other parts of the world. We’ve only just scratched the surface in the States, so there are still a lot of legs in the show,” Pawel