A Kinda Sorta Breakup Mix: Songs That Say Goodbye

Sometimes you gotta say goodbye. And the most important part, of course, is to have the perfect soundtrack for leaving.

The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 20 “An Officer And A Gynecologist”: Desire Within A Context

This episode was the best I’ve seen in a while for quippy asides and one-liners.

Celebrity Fashion That Just Doesn’t Work

Following are some of the most recent celebrity fashion statements that just aren’t right for anyone (even them).  
Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 7.51.03 AM 1

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 3: Breaker of Chains (Also, Breaker of Hearts, Am I Right Daario?)

After two episodes that caught us up in a whirlwind of medieval glamour, basic medieval bitches, and general, cold blooded medieval murder, this episode could barely keep up.

5 Reasons That Little Dragon’s New Album Will Be A Classic

Little Dragon’s upcoming fourth album Nabuma Rubberband is one of the most highly anticipated releases this year.

5 TV Breakups That Still Hurt

As shitty as breaking up is, TV breakups are almost always worse, because, well, they're written to be. We can relate to them while still thinking, "Damn, at least mine didn't involve a bunch of people hiding out in an adjacent bedroom, eavesdropping."

Seven Awesome Covers You Can Find Online

There are some very talented artists who take a well-known song and make it their own. Don’t think of it as ripping off a successful musician; plenty of covers are one gifted performer’s (or band’s) tribute to another.

This Morning’s TV News: OITNB, Louie, and Girls

Let's take a quick tour of all the TV news that's turned up this morning.



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