Robin Thicke & Other Record Low-Selling Artists

In what for many will feel like karma, Robin Thicke’s latest album, Paula, has managed to sell a mere 530 copies in the UK in its launch week. And while the George Michael lookalike has fared better in his native U.S., selling 24,000 copies, it’s still a far cry from the 177,000 copies of Blurred Lines that were sold.

Homestar Runner Is Coming Back: An Intro To Some Of Its Best Clips

Back when the internet was in its "difficult adolescent period", and we were all celebrating entering Y2K unscathed on 1 January 2000, one of the funniest sites online was launched from a couple of guys named The Brothers Chap.

Ann Coulter’s Assault on Soccer Explained

Ann Coulter, depending on who you speak to, is either an ultra-conservative and inflammatory columnist, or a brilliant performance artist. In her most recent column / installation at The Clarion-Ledger, Coulter launched an assault on the sport of Soccer, which — as can now be expected of her writing — is half based on what she’s heard about Soccer, and half based on whatever gripes Coulter has with liberal America.

Introducing: Marz Leon

Los Angeles’ Marz Leon debuted her trip-hop styled single “L O N E R” this past week. The track is a pulsating yet minimal arrangement (which she co-produced) that layers within lovelorn lyrical messages. We took the chance to briefly connect with Leon in the midst of her coming out party to the world.

Check Out American Apparel’s New Marketing Direction

The owner of American Apparel, Dov Charney, has been fired from his own company this week. So naturally, the question everyone is asking is “will this be the end of soft core pornography disguised as advertising?”

Maybe I’m In Love With Taylor Swift

At the very least I think she's adorable, sweet, lovely, and perfect, with beautiful relatable songs, and a magic face.

Watch OK Go Play Tricks On Your Mind In Their New Video

Check out the new video for “The Writing’s On The Wall”, which will appear on OK Go’s upcoming album, Hungry Ghosts, due out in October this year.




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