Seven Awesome Covers You Can Find Online

There are some very talented artists who take a well-known song and make it their own. Don’t think of it as ripping off a successful musician; plenty of covers are one gifted performer’s (or band’s) tribute to another.

This Morning’s TV News: OITNB, Louie, and Girls

Let's take a quick tour of all the TV news that's turned up this morning.

The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 19, “Think Like A Peter”: Out On The Town

This episode was perfect! I loved everything about this episode! It was so great that I had to make a list.

7 Horror Movies That Could Actually Work as TV Shows

It hasn't quite reached its peak yet, but there's a trend happening right now — adapting horror movies into TV shows.

5 Other People I Wish Were Replacing David Letterman

No one can fake imbecilic conservatism like Stephen Colbert, and the idea of saying goodbye to The Colbert Report kind of makes me wish they'd gone with another candidate. For example...

A Comprehensive Guide To Don Draper Sitting Places Alone

We may not know what fates will befall our beloved characters during this final season, but we can expect to see a lot of Don Draper sitting by himself.

The Many Faces Of Chris Pratt (That We Love)

Most of us didn’t catch on to the amazingness that is Chris Pratt until he entered our lives as Andy Dwyer. Here are some of Pratt’s best roles—both onscreen and off—that put smiles on our faces (and get us a little hot).

Mad Men Season 7, Episode 1 “The Beginning”: Damaged Goods

As we start this final season, everything is damaged, and everyone feels far away.



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