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TLC for the RIP: Leave Left Eye Alone

By Jenna Hawkins in Music / / April 26, 2012

...nces,” according to Consequence of Sound. This news also came with the announcement that VH1 will be producing a TLC biopic, and Thomas and Watkins will release a new album, their first musical endeavor without any input from Lopes. Formed in 1990, the adventurous and always seemingly mischievous Lopes who had moved to Atlanta with only a keyboard and US$750, was the first member of the ‘current’ TLC line-up, initially dubbed 2nd Natu... View Now


By Jenna Hawkins in / April 26, 2012

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By Mike Kalenderian in / January 09, 2014

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By Jenna Hawkins in / April 26, 2012

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The Best 90s Midriffs

By Melia Rayner in Culture / May 10, 2012

...girl looks FIERCE (in a Tyra Banks way of course) walking through that desert. “No Scrubs” – TLC Before Beyonce had total control of the GIRL LOVE / SELF LOVE movement, TLC’s song is still a classic, not just because of the lady-loving, self-respecting message the song reminds us, but because instead of the sexy baby look pioneered by Britneys, Christinas and Jessicas of the time, the ladies of TLC clearly dress exactly how th... View Now

In Light of Leighton: Five Actors Turned Singers Who Actually Make Us Proud

By Thomas Beauford in Music / April 04, 2014

There’s nothing more dreadful than watching one of your favorite actors dive head first into a bad career move. Take for instance, the time TLC member, Chili, designed family-scrapbook-inspired handbags. But equally as painful as rocking a clutch sabotaged made by Chili, is watching decent actors and actresses bomb in the studio and on stage. Leighton Meester, who stars in Of Mice and Men’s latest big-screen iteration, recently took a stab — lit... View Now
Honey Boo Boo-Portable-Resized

The Guide To Honey Boo Boo

By Melia Rayner in Culture / / September 07, 2012

...those youtube dance remixes. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo After the success of her turn on Toddlers & Tiaras, TLC decided HBB could be an excellent cash cow for stupidity-hungry viewers and turned the camera on her and her self-described “crazy redneck family” in Georgia. It’s a mixture of hilarity and horror, and whilst we can’t seem to agree whether or not it’s mainly a ploy for TLC to make ratings off rednecks,... View Now

20 Summers Of The Hottest Music Videos (’91-’12)

By Chloe Lykes in Music / , , , , , , , , / July 05, 2012

...#8211; “Basket Case” Oasis – “Live Forever” Weezer – “Undone” TLC – “Waterfalls” (1995) Something about TLC’s perfect abs and crop tops makes this song hot no matter how pure the lyrics to “Waterfalls” may be. Though the song is weighted with a heavy motto, their 90s fashion style’s and the popularity of this song through the months of May to September in... View Now

Tara Simmons Wants You Gone

By lauren in Music / / November 25, 2011

Australian singer/songwriter Tara Simmons has a new single and it’s nothing short of a shock to the system. Her sound has changed, and the classical-induced ADD has kicked in and now there’s no more indie-quirk and no more laptop. Her soon-to-be-released album promises lots of synth, keys, percussion and layered vocals and, as her video clip (directed by Alex Barnes and Derryn Watts) will attest, she’s most certainly gone over... View Now

Portable Presents: The Year of Nicki Minaj

By ilana in Culture / / December 15, 2011

I first heard Nicki about four years ago on Weezy‘s mixtape ‘Wayne’s World 4′. I bought it on Broadway and West 4th like a whiteass tourist. I was just getting into Wayne at that time, but I heard this tinny bitch on a couple tracks and had to know more about her. Thus began my voracious appetite for all things Nicki. Not only was her voice hot and her lyrics hilarious and cutting, but her presentation in all forms was ju... View Now

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