Antwerp based fashion label A.F.Vandevorst don’t mind stepping outside of the predicability of ready-to-wear fashion into more experimental art projects. In 2002 they produced the costumes for the Dutch Opera’s rendition of Janáček’s The Makropoulos Affair, which tells the tale of a Roman Emperor who tests an experimental life-extending potion on his daughter. The potion ends up putting his daughter into a deep coma. Thanks dad.

You could say the latest project by the Flemish duo for the Arnhem Mode Biennale continues in the same vein. A full sized wax caste of a sleeping girl holds a series of candles, which burn slowly through her head, torso and limbs. The hand held camera work combined with a haunting ambient soundtrack heightens the macabre sensations An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx were no doubt trying to conjure up. The mold was produced by taxidermist Richard Philips.

Images Courtesy of Lenn Cox