A whopping 480 All-Stars, weighing in at nearly 1000 lb. come together to create Converse’s latest retail installation. First produced in 1917, Chuck Taylor’s All-Star shoes have become the requisite footwear of the anti-consumer consumer, sported by grunge, slacker, emo and hipster icons alike—Kurt Cobain famously died in his beat up pair of chucks.

Here the iconic brand teams up with Perfect Fools to create The Canvas Experiment—a digital screen made of converse shoes. Each shoe is connected to its own motor, acting as a pixel on the massive screen of kicks. Perfect Fools have invited musicians to play in front of the screen, which reacts to the sound of their instruments, and this video introduces us to a guitarist described only as “our friend Bjorn”.

The project will appear at various locations in Paris and Berlin over the next month.