It’s not everyday that a Kickstarter campaign gets our attention, but there’s something different about Aeysha. There’s not only something captivating about the stop-motion project that tells the story of love and mad science, but something wonderfully charming about its creator, ZeShan Malik. We’re not ones to tell you where to spend your hard earned dollar, but just scrolling down the pledge rewards it’s pretty hard to avoid filling Aeysha’s coffers; especially because in exchange for donating, you can get yourself anything from a three minute freestyle from ZeShan and Producer Nick Milo (we’ve borne witness to such a performance before, and trust us, it’s worth a dollar or two), or right at the top of the scale, a clay model created in your likeness by animator Brett Harding. PLEDGE HERE; you can check out more of Aeysha’s story below:


AEYSHA is a claymation series about a mad scientist, Dr. Khan, who creates human beings in his basement. In the pilot episode his first successful creation is a brute named Aeysha. In order to protect appearances he marries his creation. This story is the tragic birth of AEYSHA.

AEYSHA was shot over the course of two weekends this summer at Charged Studios in Brooklyn. Production has been wrapped, now we are approaching the editing and compositing phase. We would love your help in funding these final elements so we can make Episode One as amazing as possible. Your support will also help with the initial marketing efforts for festival submissions and distribution.

ZeShan Malik (Creator / Executive Producer) created the concept and characters in 2001. Originally from Philadelphia, he currently runs Melee Media, an advertising agency in New York. Zeshan performs the main voice of Dr. Khan.

Brett Harding (Director/Animator) fabricated the puppets and sets, and shot the animation. Originally from Minneapolis, he now works in New York as a designer and fine artist.

Nick Milo (Producer) facilitated production and will consult in future marketing and distribution. Originally from San Francisco, Nick now lives in New York and works as a global account manager for a technology firm.

Sunny Ali and the Kid (Music) is a Pakistani folk punk duo from Philly. They are long time friends of the director and will create the musical score for the animation.