Graffiti is everywhere in cities, from the subways to outside your window. However, as lovely or annoying as that graffiti may be, it is probably not interactive. This is where Antonin Fourneau‘s latest “graffiti” project seems almost revolutionary. The artist working in residence with Digitalarti Artlab made various prototypes for an interactive wall made of LED lights that would light up in the contact of water.

A video posted from Digitalarti Artlab shows Fourneau in the process of making the wall, as he welds wires and lights together to create a huge black wall with lights inserted onto it. Graffiti is meant to be enjoyed in a public space, and Fourneau’s “Water Light Grafitti” was no exception, as the artist placed his wall in Poitiers, France, for four days. Throughout its public debut, children and adults alike sprayed the wall with water forming shapes, names, words and even reproducing the appearance of a human.

The French artist known for his mix of technology and art is always finding new ways to make his works interactive, and “Water Light Grafitti” is successful at breaking the gap between viewer, artist and artwork.