An artist’s ability to succeed is measured by their originality and potential for mass appeal: a tricky combination. Every artist has his or her own vision for a particular style or work; a vision that should never be compromised because it’ll make them uniquely worthy of recognition. Canadian artist David Altmejd‘s color approach to sculpture is just one example of an artist sticking to their creative guns.

“Boundaries,” an episode of Art 21‘s PBS series, Art in the Twenty-First Century, highlights Altmejd’s approach to sculpture-making, and his take on colors: “I’m extremely attracted to pastel colors, but they have to be dirty in some way.” He goes on to mention the aesthetic appeal he finds in lavender, pink, and mint green and how the inherent “prettiness” in these colors needs to be counteracted by ugliness: a dark brown or green. It’s with this color combination that he finds the perfect balance.

[via Art 21]