For an art gallery that’s serious about contemporary art and artists and other mature, adult-y things, it seems a little incogruent that the video to promote their latest book exclusively features Jonathan LeVine stuffed in a Teletubby suit and dancing enthusiastically about, accompanied by a beatbox soundtrack, preformed by JL himself. It’s a little incongruent, but totally allowed because art galleries are in their own league and can get away with anything and still be deemed endlessly cool; they are the dictators of taste.

Back to the dancing Teletubby. Jonathan LeVine has been shifting and shaping the New York art scene since he landed right in its midst in 2005. Since then his gallery in Chelsea has created trends rather than following them—it is a landmark. To document LeVine’s success story and to capture some of the stunning works the gallery offers (AJ Fosik, Alex Gross, Victor Castillo), LeVine has released a book, Delusional. The rags-to-riches narrative inDelusional may be compelling, but I think its safe to say we’re all far more concerned about the rags-to-Teletubby tale.

To find out more about Delusional and where to get your paws on a copy, take a look here.