If, like us, you’ve been cased in scarves and coats for weeks and have forgotten how amazing the human body can be when it’s in motion, perhaps it’s time you took a peek at the work of Sweden-born artist Bertil Nilsson.

Drawing inspiration from the strength and beauty of the bodies we so often take for granted, Nilsson works with dancers and circus performers to display the wondrous agility of the human form. In this short experimental film, dancer Michael John Harper moves to the thumping beats of Portland electropop outfit Purse Candy, hypnotically weaving in and out of light. Nilsson captures the precision and intricacy of Harper’s movement, and combined with the soundtrack, the piece is nothing short of mesmerising.

Although Nilsson primarily works with still photography, Figure Scrub is proof that his talent doesn’t stop there. As well as a successful foray into film, his book Undisclosed: Images of the Contemporary Circus Artist was published in September this year. The book contains 92 black and white photographs of circus performers practising their craft, and is once again testament to Nilsson’s incredible skill for capturing the uncanny abilities of the human body (or what we’re capable of when we get off the internet and do some exercise).