A new offering from the BBCArt Revealed explores early 20th century British art and the world’s most expensive paintings. It’s fitting then, that Giles Revell‘s promotional video for the three part series throws new technology into the mix, creating stunning images through the mingling of pigment in water. Filmed in slow motion and capturing every billowing drop of liquid, the mesmerising trails feature constantly moving and evolving forms which draw the viewer into an infinity of colours and textures.

As a photographer, Giles Revell’s work is influenced by fine art and conceptualism. It is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of graphic imagery and the different ways in which photographic images can imply form, surface or texture via the simplest means. In addition to ‘pure’, traditional photography, Giles’ personal work continues to explore the creative potential of digital technologies. The results of his experimentation are surprising and beautiful, often capturing a haunting ambience around the subject through his various techniques.