At the heart of Berlin’s buzzing cultural hub, Mitte, you’ll find 4010 Telekom—a communication concept store and creative touchstone for German artistic types.

Included in this innovative shopfront is their Gallery Wall, where artists are commissioned by supervising agency DKDL to create murals for the space. Past artists include Nathan Jurivicius (creator of Scarygirl) and his partner, Andrea Kang, who based their piece around two young owls and employed the use of adhesive wall stickers to bring the work to life.

Most recently the wall was hit with the works of Gogoplata and KLUB7, with this video illustrating the transformation from blank space to a vibrant and uplifting work of art. CROMATICS brought everyone together on this project, including Floressenz, whose contribution to the theme of “urban gardening” brought some much-needed greenery to the space.

We can thank the boys over at Editude Pictures for the clip and Monkey Safari for their track Bamboolica. KLUB7 and Editude worked together not too long ago on another wall mural/stop motion video. For this 4010 Telekom video, however, the editor has used the music to their advantage, incorporating the beats and features of the work in the pace of the edit to add that something extra to the work of the artists.