In the past few days our blog feeds got clogged by people collectively fawning over the latest too-awesome-to-be-true novelty: a hotel room divided pristinely between stark white and graffitied, colourful chaos. Tumblr gobbled it up and soon enough this divided haven was everywhere on the web. French hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseille trades off the novelty, themed room concept, but swaps tacky for glamour in their six amazing suites decorated and conceptualised by different French artists. What seemed to strike a chord the most was street artist’s Tilt‘s spray painted shrine, presented in immediate and abrupt contrast to an ordinary, bright white.

How Tilt got from a blank canvas to a grafitti party on walls is a magnificent, elaborate sight: watch the process above and see how gradually a build up of tags and drawings and words like “Yo Rap!” fills exactly half of the room’s space. The final result is nothing short of spectacular. The process took a week and buckets of paint and textas, because, as Tilt says, “The idea was to exaggerate what you can usually see in some abandoned places. Too much tags, too much drips, too much sentences, too much throw ups…What I also wanted to show is that people can appreciate any type of graffiti, even the more basic, it’s just a matter of point of view.”

If you’re lucky enough to be holidaying in Marseille, we can’t see how any other room in any other hotel would really suffice. You can book here.