Unlike most of us who dread the thought of wrinkles and the decreasing functionality of our senses as we age, London artist, Jonny Briggs, anticipates his future of aging. In fact, Briggs is so curious of his future identity, he has crafted a prosthetic bust of his father into a mask which when he wears it, allows him to embody what will come, and in turn empathize with his parents.

His exhibition, which will have five showings this year throughout  the month of September, captures his personal exploration of the antithesis between childhood and adulthood. For Briggs to fully reconnoiter the shifts from childhood to adulthood, in physical ability, perspective and understanding, Briggs taps into a variety of mediums to express his inquiry.

“It’s like these collisions of childhood and adult fancies, but I’m following the ideas and what they want to be made out of,” Briggs said.

Considering the range of materials Briggs has used for his works, it is clear that he truly allows the memories to dictate their proper portrayal. Fabric, film, photography and other prosthetic masks are all materials he incorporates into his art.

“I often involve different heads and masks in the work and I’m really drawn to how artificial they are and how they are veneer,” Briggs said. “It makes me think of social veneers. That thought of living your life through other peoples eyes.”

His creative expressions of these representations are as natural for him to create as it is for a child to play. But unlike a child, whose schedule of recess time is dictated by their parents, as an adult, Briggs dedicates as much time as possible to play and for him, the more time he can spend involving himself in these memories, the more his concept develops.

[Video via Vitamin Magazine]