It is incredibly hard to believe that the video for Kimbra‘s intro track The Build Up opens with a painting. Here at Portable we are huge Kimbra fans, and always love to keep tabs on what the songstress has been up to, and this alternate music video created by Melbourne artist Vincent Fantauzzo definitely grabbed our attention.

The opening shot of the beautiful and talented New Zealand songstress in a red dress has all the details and features of a real life Kimbra; her stance, lush lips and brown locks within the portrait are all eerily similar. The transition from painting to real life Kimbra is seamless, and through Fantauzzo’s direction of the music video, both artwork and musician possess the same expressions, posture and beautiful simplicity that demand attention without bells and whistles.

Known as the Prince of Portraits, Fantauzzo has won an array of accolades for his work documenting public personalities. His Kimbra portrait received the 2012 Archibald Prize, however he is no stranger to the Archibalds; in 2011 his portrait of celebrity chef Matt Moran received the Archibald honour, and he has also been awarded the Archibald People’s Choice Award for portrayals of child actor Brandon Walters in 2009 and Heath Ledger in 2008.

With such realistic brush strokes and interesting subjects it is no wonder why he continues to be showered with accolades. Who will be his next artistic project? Watch this space.