We live in a world where confidentiality agreements and respecting the sensitivity of release dates are both details that are not to be taken lightly. Reputations can be tarnished and millions of dollars can be lost. Too often we hear of soiled endorsement and business deals when parties involved have accidentally divulged secret information or key details of a project.

This has only been furthered thanks to the development of social media and its popular use to market products in today’s economy. But when it comes to M.I.A., its pretty clear that she has chosen to ignore many of these traditional rules. The rapper/visual artist recently posted a video on her Youtube channel which shows her flipping through a huge binder of pocket sleeves, which just happen to be the drafts of her upcoming art book, M.I.A. With a little less than a month to go before the premier of the her book, Maya first teased her fans on Instagram posting an image of the book’s front cover. And then it’s almost like she goes “F**k it, lets just show them the whole book”.

Social media is one of M.I.A.’s favourite platforms, and she’s taked to Twitter and Youtube to announce and share her newest projects. And its not forward to suggest that M.I.A.’s mass media success can be contributed to her transparency when using social media to publicise her work. And here lies the double edged sword; how do artists balance the spruiking of their work without accidentally giving away key concepts? Its by no means an invisible line, but sometimes the line tends to move erratically either forwards or backwards depending on who else is in on the project.

So in that sense, M.I.A. has been smart; she has always been a self produced creator and collaborator. She is then able to not only maintain ownership but control over her work and the way it’s marketed. For any self producing creative, M.I.A.’s entrepreneurial efforts are something to aspire to.

M.I.A.’s self titled art book come visual diary is a curation of her visual outputs since her college days at Central St. Martins in London; telling her story through her famous stylistic collages, photos and prints. M.I.A will be available October 23rd, 2012.