The ability to travel the world and indulge in different cultures is indeed a luxury, and the intrepid Nabil Azadi has taken a different approach to this immense privilege. Eschewing the sensational, and for want of a better term, departing from the “beaten path”, Nabil has created a travel guide like no other, in which luxury can only be found in the uniqueness of experience.

A new format companion to the world, For You The Traveller is a revolution, bringing serious style and substance to “couch surfing” culture. Searching out sparkling personalities across the globe, Nabil has set up beacons in destinations as diverse as Kenya to Paris for travellers to seek out in adventure. Intended to reach the soul of travel — the serendipitous way in which a city, a person, a single day, finds its way into your heart when (and indeed, stays there long after) you’re aboard — Nabil adds a little bit of order to something that can never be truly ordered at all: discovery.

We were lucky enough to speak intimately with Nabil about his world, the whole world, and you, the traveller…

For You The Traveller is available for pre-order here.

Portable: Explain to us the concept behind For You The Traveller.

Nabil Azadi: It’s a directory of kind people around the world who will act as a port-of-call to any traveller passing through their region and bearing the book. They’re a diverse group across five continents. One is a wheat farmer in the highlands of Kenya. Another is an impassioned young Iranian woman. There is an Australian metalworker, a Franco-Russian artist in Paris, and many others.

Inside For You The Traveller these kind people share their stories and their telephone numbers. Some of them trace the dots backwards in their lives and make a case for the unpredictability of everything. Some offer words of guidance, others words of warning. I’ve drawn maps to accompany each of their entries and typeset their words by hand.

The book is then printed on recycled paper, hand-bound, and covered in recycled rabbit fur at my studio in Australia. There are only 200 editions to be made and all profits will fund the development work of Nouvelle Planète in Madagascar. They’ll be building footbridges for isolated villages there.