P: What from your own experience informed this idea?

Nabil Azadi: With all of my art, I’m trying to give people a sense of solidarity. I’ve described my accidental journey around the world to you before as a profoundly misguided mystic pursuit. For a good few years then I didn’t feel a sense of solidarity with anyone. I was a young person who wanted to feel seriously connected to other people, to myself, to the land and I didn’t have any answers. How do I get up today? How do make what I do useful? How do I stop feeling like I’m losing time?

For You The Traveller, as a guide to the world, promotes a sense of trust. I hope others can also see it as a book of parables. They are messages of goodwill made in good faith by people all over the world. There’s trust in there but there’s also love and camaraderie. I think in life you find something you need and that you can’t get anywhere and you say – ‘OK, where’s the oxygen mask? How does this work?’ And then, God so help you, you figure out how to show other people who need the same thing.