Pete Eckert is an artist. He’s also blind. He hasn’t always been this way (an artist or blind) but his haunting photographs have been getting him a lot of attention recently. And for a good reason. Since he became totally blind 6 years ago, Eckert has been making a living out of his photography which he creates with the aid of his infra-red camera. Now he’s learned to ‘see’ with his ears and is able to fill in the space around him by listening to the way sound is bounced around.

This video has been put together by Artists Wanted who “work to build new lasting opportunities for emerging talent” – including Pete Eckert. It’s pretty clear to us that his pieces speak for themselves and punch well above what we might expect a blind artist to produce. And make this writer feel a whole lot worse about not being able to draw stick figures. Beautiful, no?



We had lots of fights over which photos to post here, but you can find many more stunning creations over at Pete’s website.