If you thought that innovative, white, trendy design came only from the Swedes, think again.  As shown in this video, fabulous functional furniture also comes from the guys just south of the Baltic Sea—the Polish.  A collaborative table for work and play just sounds so fun, especially from the look of this video created to showcase the piece.

The K!-LABO was created by the WWAA (that is the Warsaw Workshop of Architecture), who are a group of architects that are based in and explore the city of Warsaw through their art and design projects.  The object of the table isn’t usually something that is questioned or reinvented, but this design allows a new style for comfortable workspace for a whole team or collaboration.

The WWAA did some collaboration themselves—perhaps on the table?—working with Polish new media art  group panGenerator.  They combine design and art with modern technologies to create cool videos and media with designers, engineers, fashion designers and musicians.  The creative group has created a short video of synth and movement of bodies and light to show the table’s collaborative qualities, and demonstrate how movement transforms the table into whatever you want it to be.

The piece is on exhibit at the Galeria Kordegarda in Warsaw.