From June 23 to September 19, 2010, New York’s New Museum will present a major mid-career survey of Brazilian multidisciplinary artist Rivane Neuenschwander. A Day Like Any Other, throws a spotlight on Rivane’s unique contribution to the narrative of Brazilian Conceptualism.

I Wish Your Wish is installed in the lobby gallery as part of the exhibition. This work of art involves direct visitor participation as the audience are invited to make a selection from a wall of ribbons, each printed with a wish, to tie around their wrists. As Brazilian tradition has it, when the ribbon falls off, one’s wish will be fulfilled. The process continues as the audience is also encouraged to make their own wish on provided ribbons and place it in the empty hole.

First Love, a police sketch artist produces portraits of visitors’ ‘first loves’ to adorn the walls of the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. In Walking in Circles, small halos of adhesive are applied to the gallery floor to pick up dirt from visitors’ shoes creating a physical and temporal map of the exhibition’s traffic patterns.

These installations will be accompanied by her latest immersive piece The Conversation, paintings After the Storm and At a Certain Distance, as well as the film The Tenet.