Portrait artist Sergio Albiac has developed an ingenious technique titled Videorative that uses a subject’s biographical makeup—including memories, emotional journeys and identifying experiences—to create a textured portrait of the subject’s face. Textured in both the explicit and implicit way, the results are a mixture of physical appearance and life experiences.

This video focuses on filmmaker Randall Okita‘s life. Albiac describes it as “collecting personal videos of the person portrayed, tagged by him/her with relevant concepts and descriptions. Then, using a custom developed tool, the artist ‘paints with meanings’ and generates a video portrait, subtitled with generative personal narratives. In the interactive installation version of the work, the viewer can ‘navigate’ through the subject’s mind, opening his/her video memories, accessing their thoughts and revealing hidden connections between the meanings, using online access to Wikipedia to infer related emotional states. These ‘data visualizations’ create new and unexpected interpretations of the portrait.”

The result is a perfectly intriguing combination of personal narrative and powerful visuals.