It seems all things old are cool again, especially in photography, as seen by the popularity of the Impossible Project and many rising stars such as Tamara Lichtenstein and Ana Cabaleiro, who favor the authentic, imperfect effects afforded by analogue film either via Polaroid or lomography.

Lomography is spearheading this trend even further in the film domain with their launch of the Lomokino, their first ever video camera, which uses 35mm film to shoot video sequences of up to 50 seconds in either black and white or color.

Queensbury Rules: The Thoroughly Spiffing Lomokino! is their newly released, playful tongue-in-cheek instructional video on how to use the Lomokino—a name blending the lomography term with ‘kino’, the German word for ‘cinema’ and a recurring one in film writing and study.

It’s a simple, compact and nifty little tool that enables anyone with a creative bent to become a film-maker and director instantly—all it requires is loading a fresh road of film and spinning the delightfully retro handle on the side to get going. Features include a close-up button for fast focusing, easy aperture controls from f/5.6 to f/11, volume display to see how much film is left, viewfinder and the option to attach it to a tripod or flash for more advanced shooting capabilities. And naturally, it sports a retro black blocky design in line with the heritage of old school filmmaking.

For further inspiration on the types of films that can be shot and created with this medium see here.