Hunter Longe‘s parents must be appalled. Through his art, he breaks one of the most fundamental rules of a 1990s childhood: Don’t Put Magnets Near The VCR. Studio/gallery space The Popular Workshop are forgiving, however, and presented Longe’s work in an exhibition entitled ‘Degausser’ in the middle of 2011. They made him bring his own video recorder.

This short film—directed by Cole Schreiber—is the first in a series commissioned by TPW which feature artists working across a range of artistic mediums. Longe’s technique involves ‘degaussing’, a process which uses magnetism to destroy a magnetic field—as Longe says ‘fighting fire with fire’. He is interested in the idea of creating through destruction, of taking something and giving it a new and altered meaning by reconstructing it in different ways.

Longe also talks about his idea of distortion, how the reproduction of images or of stories changes them into things which are unrecognizable from the originals. Schreiber focuses on this idea to present Longe’s interview to us on a television screen and projecting patterns and scenes from old films over the top, thus making manifest Longe’s own idea of what art is.

You can see another in the series here, which focuses on photographer Bob Chisholm.