Skateboarding can be seen as quite the artistic sport: gliding about with enough style and grace to conjure an idea of urban dance. London-based animator and graphic designer Matt Box takes this notion one step further and creates literal art out of the stealthy skate movements in the Vimeo web series Acid Drops, an Unreal Estate production.

The first episode shows a hand-painted watercolor animation of skater Jason Dill and the second episode, featured above, highlights the movements of pro skater Dylan Rieder. The episodes are short and sweet, lightly scored to underline the art animation. Episode two features a musical collaboration between Box and Chris Moorcraft while the first is scored by Tom Waits.

The movements are fluid in life and much more so in these animations. Elegance, style, and grace are all abundantly present in Acid Drops, turning skateboarding into something otherwise unrealized: beautiful.

via huh.