Michael Jackson may have said “it don’t matter if you’re black or white,” but what about mono versus color in 2012? Why Mono? A Creative Commentary on the Significance of Black and White in the 21st Century is a Melbourne based production from Diamond Dozen and Callum Preston exploring why monotone is still important in today’s fast-paced, rainbow, kaleidoscopic society. The video features a wide array of creatives spanning different fields where black and white is integral to their work and perception of their industries. It is clear from everyone involved that the sense of nostalgia and raw, classic sensibilities of black and white aesthetics has is something that draws them to the medium whether it be through photography, drawing or even creating a space through the use of decorative means.

Photographers Nicole Reed and Steve Gourlay, influential private art collector Andrew King, street artist Rone (aka Everfresh), interior architect Adele Winteridge and Sticky Institute zine shop owner Luke Sinclair discuss their individual appreciation for the simple yet effective technique, and why “tones, shapes, textures and details that can only be translated in MONO, are only some of the reasons why black and white has a timeless significance.”

From King’s appreciation of “the pure essence of what the art’s intent was,” to Reed’s minimalist approach of “stripping it back to what’s actually going on,” Rone’s belief that you can “instantly you can recognise craftsmanship, Gourlay ultimately sums it up that, “Black and white will always be relevant.”