A Kinda Sorta Breakup Mix: Songs That Say Goodbye

By Will Kemp in Music

Sometimes you gotta say goodbye. And the most important part, of course, is to have the perfect soundtrack for leaving. View Now

5 Reasons That Little Dragon’s New Album Will Be A Classic

By mattagustin in Music

Little Dragon’s upcoming fourth album Nabuma Rubberband is one of the most highly anticipated releases this year. View Now

Seven Awesome Covers You Can Find Online

By Jenna Faith in Music

There are some very talented artists who take a well-known song and make it their own. Don’t think of it as ripping off a successful musician; plenty of covers are one gifted performer’s (or band’s) tribute to another. View Now

Jamie xx Has A Beautiful Clip For His New Single “Sleep Sound”

By Mike Kalenderian in Music

In directing the video for Jamie xx's new single, "Sleep Sound", Sofia Mattioli visited the Manchester Deaf Centre to find the stars of this clip. View Now

Why Frank Ocean’s Next Album Won’t Be Channel ORANGE Pt. II

By Will Kemp in Music

channel ORANGE was a minimalist sketch of an album; simple digital beats plus quiet instrumentation plus perfect melodies. Still, there's no way Frank Ocean stays so spare on his sophomore album. View Now

In Light of Leighton: Five Actors Turned Singers Who Actually Make Us Proud

By Thomas Beauford in Music

It's painful watching decent actors and actresses bomb in the studio and on stage, yet there is a handful of actors turned singers who've done so successfully — and often managed to cross back. View Now

We Present: The Y2K.0 Playlist

By Jana Pollack in Music

Ready to be fucking devastated? Head over to Refinery29, and read this article about the Y2K.0 music festival happening this summer. View Now

The Songs Of The World Cup: From Bad To Kitsch

By Mike Kalenderian in Music

The World Cup song, like the Eurovision song contest, is a peculiar beast — it's part song, part ad for the country hosting the event, and completely terrible from a musical standpoint. View Now

7 Weird Al Songs That Are Better Than the Original

By Sean Morrow in Music

A lot of Weird Al's songs come out being better than the song he's parodying. We've collected some examples. View Now

TBT: I’m An Idiot, And I’m Your Boyfriend

By Jana Pollack in Music

In the spirit of throwback thursday, let's remember this gem, along with the perfect video that accompanied it. View Now

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