One day, probably not too far from now, Hollywood may just run out of novels, comics and other movies to adapt. There will be no more Spiderman chronicles, no more Nicholas Sparks love stories, and instead they’ll have to turn to music. Creating a feature-length masterpiece or an epic trilogy from a three minute pop song isn’t as far fetched as it may sound. Songs can be just as cinematic as cinema itself, and we’re not just talking about country ballads with a clearly outlined saga embedded within the strums. Most of Bob Dylan’s tracks have a bold tale subtly intertwined in the lyrics, and tangled beneath the muscular melodies of Belle and Sebastian is an indie rom-com just dying to be unleashed. What about the visuals conjured up by a Nick Cave tune, or even the hard-hitting words of Jay-Z? There’s a plethora of narrative promise within such mantras, far beyond the limited few minutes of a music clip, and Portable is on the case to summon them out. Here are our top picks for songs with cinematic potential.

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