The touring musician as fashion icon is a perpetual cat-and-mouse chase. It’s the lament of every style-minded ingénue: the disheartening feeling that washes over you when you ask some well-dressed friend/acquaintance/stranger, “where’d you get your shirt/necklace/ring/shoes?” and she answers, “oh, somewhere I don’t remember in some amazing city in some country you’ll never visit.”

Admiring a musician or band for their music is one thing, but an interesting, inspiring look really amplifies how you perceive an artists’ performance. And while you can’t blame a band for looking like they just rolled out of their touring van and onto the stage without having done laundry for weeks —  because that is in fact the case pretty much 99% of the time — artists who make the effort to present a resonating visual connection along with the music we love are especially deserving of our attention/obsession. These ladies are on constant rotation in our playlists and in our closets.

[image via Nero Magazine Japan]