Freaks and Geeks, while largely un-watched while it was actually on TV in 1999, has grown a cult following thanks to the later success of its stars and producer (Judd Apatow, you may have heard of him). It was recently remembered in detail in this Vanity Fair article, which recounts how the show came to be and how it struggled to stay alive. This show is worth remembering, as well as watching and re-watching, not just because of the careers it launched; it is worth watching because it is an achingly real portrait of life in high school (and at any age). It’s a show of a quality that has not been matched since.

There are a lot of nice messages thrown around at this time of year (with varying levels of sincerity): be good to your neighbor, don’t take your loved ones for granted, learn to forgive, etc etc etc. Freaks and Geeks, in its subtly sincere way, breathes life into these platitudes in each episode of its magical, singular season. Now is the time to re-watch the show (or, if you’ve never seen it, to watch it for the first time), and to let its tidings wash over you. Here are some specific examples of the Freaks and Geeks family embodying good will, good cheer, forgiveness, friendship, and the power of a dream.

[lead image via Vanity Fair]