Alright world, we get it. Lena Dunham is our savior. She is the second coming of Christ for single white female millenials entering the workforce in a shitty economy and bathing in a cultural climate that borders on insufferable. She’s tapped into the unique societal pulse that for some reason has gone untapped by academics and laypeople alike.

I watch Girls, I get it.

But I’m going to throw something out there, which might not be as palatable, but I promise it’ll win you over, just as she won me over. I’m talking about Zosia Mamet, the (slightly) hidden gem of Girls, and my latest hard-core girl crush. She’s adorable, she’s intelligent, she comes from a great family. I sound like I’m trying to play matchmaker, but that’s just because she is THAT much of a catch. World, meet Zosia Mamet. I’m going to take you through your need-to-knows, and then you’ll be crushing, too.






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