I haven’t been a very good friend lately. I’m the kind of introvert who admittedly will sometimes make up white lies to avoid hanging out with people. “Oh, that weekend? Sorry, can’t! Out of town.” “Tonight? Damn, I’m on deadline on a really important story I’m working on.” Meanwhile I’m lying in bed with cracker crumbs in my sheets, unwashed hair, and Netflix queued up. Yes, my dear friends, the only one I’ve been seeing is my dear and beloved friend Netflix. He knows me inside and out, recommends TV shows and movies he knows I’ll like, doesn’t judge me for my taste in really bad comedies and never demands I go out for a drink in the next half an hour. He totally gets me and understands some days a girl wants to do nothing but just sit and binge watch The Walking Dead for six hours straight. Or maybe I just need a new group of friends to hang with. Here’s a list of TV characters I want to be very best friends right now.





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