You may be asking yourself, what’s ugly hot? Isn’t that an oxymoron? But I think deep down you know. Ugly hot is that bizarre kind of sexy that’s sort of… ugly. Sexy ugly. Ugly hot. A genre of attractive person all to itself.

An ugly hot guy may not be considered “hot” by conventional standards; we’re not talking about Brad Pitt here. These men have never been described as heartthrobs. What they possess is something deeper and more compelling; their “hotness” is derived from the vibes they give off. Sexy vibes.

Now that we’ve defined that, though — what kind of lady is into this? I mean, first of all, me, but that aside, let me take you on a journey through the kind of person who would be attracted to each of these magnificently ugly sexy hot men.

(Please NOTE that I am writing this from a female, heterosexual point of view. Descriptions may or may not apply to men who are attracted to these men, depending on the man).

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