When we watched Broad City‘s electric season one finale—which payed homage to and was named after Spike Lee’s classic Do the Right Thing—earlier this year, we didn’t think their videos could get much better. They’d already covered fighting mothers, workplace distractions and intimidating social situations, after all. But Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the New York City comedians who comprise the cult web duo, have truly outdone themselves with I Heart New York, the final episode of their second season.

Featuring a slew of their pals, the video shows the girls racing to get somewhere on time and surprise attacks us with cameos by the best of the best lady comedians. First, Kristen Schaal (fresh off her Simpsons spelling saga) implores the girls to use their weed money to save the children. They ply themselves from her and are soon joined by improv goddess Amy Poehler. As exciting as this is for us as viewers, it’s even moreso for the pair of UCB performers who, in a recent interview with The Gothamist, answered the question “Who were there specific people who made you want to get involved in comedy?” with

Ilana: Amy Poehler, straight the fuck up. Amy Poehler.
Abbi: Amy Poehler. I love the old-school SNL girls, but I think when SNL was in its prime for our generation was with Amy, Maya [Rudolph], Tina [Fey], Cheri Oteri.

Catch Abbi in her show Welcome to Camp! at UCB in New York City and, while we all wait for season three to appear on Broad City’s YouTube channel, revisit some of their highlights from season two with Make it Rain, Dream and Valentine’s Day.

Image Credit: Eric Michael Pearson