The last collaboration between director Chris Milk and Arcade Fire was bigger and a more complex than anything they have tackled before, which is really saying something. You may remember their interactive clip, The Wilderness Downtown, which took the interwebs by storm when it gave a whole new meaning to ‘choose your own adventure’.
Summer Into Dust is a huge scale installation that was made for Arcade Fire’s encore performance of their incredible single Wake Up at this year’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival. The result is something that sits between absolute bliss and the best concert ever.

Milk, who has found himself moving more into live installation, devised this interactive experience with the help of a dedicated team who worked day in and day to nut out the logistics of such a large scale project. During Arcade Fire’s last song, cascades of beach balls (provided by Tangible Interaction) were released from the roof of the stage into the crowd below. Using LEDs and IR transmitters (with the help of ESKI and Moment Factory) embedded in each ball, Chris and his team were able to control the light and colour that was emitted by each ball. Affected by sound, the balls visually portrayed the collective emotional experience of the bands performance, washing a kaleidoscope of colours over the audience.

The audience didn’t have to return the balls and were told they could keep them. If you were one of the lucky few you can tell Chris and the band where it ended up, here. The interactive experience continues with audience videos and photographs which can be found here.