Filmmaker and photographer Matthew Frost has created this stylish parody video for chic Parisian fashion magazine Jalouse. The film features Texan babe Ashley Smith gallivanting about Paris in a manner that would undoubtedly make any budding fashionista positively jalouse.

What makes this film a little slice of genius is the fast-paced witty narration that involves Frost pitching the plot of this proposed fashion flick while it is set in motion. Ultimately, the film takes a light-hearted jab at the fashion media whilst simultaneously adhering to a formula that is considered necessary to ensure such a film goes “viral”.

By openly embracing the standard fashion film clichés like multiple outfit changes throughout the day; hiring an indie “it” girl; parading about with fellow fashionable friends; and a little sex and skin for kicks, Frost pays homage to those who, despite claiming to be craving a little more originality in the world, appreciate a pretty girl frolicking about in pretty Paris in the likes of labels such as A.P.C, Isabel Marant and Maje.