Minus the hustle and bustle, and the familiar sounds of tinkering cutlery those sounds reminiscent of any coffee shop, Toby’s Estate could feel more like an extension of one’s home.

It is clear that Toby’s Estate has emerged from the experimental style ‘café-crops’ rapidly growing throughout Australia’s major cities. This clever, coffee-roasting, coffee-pouring, coffee–educating and coffee-sipping hub is the new hot spot making its way into the hearts of Manhattaners and Brooklynites.

This thoughtfully designed and gently executed space (formerly a meat warehouse), by design firm nemaworkshop of NYC, has achieved a light-filled, open, eclectic yet smart design amongst the grunge of Williamsburg’s finest, the space working to compliment an excellent coffee pour.

Appropriately selected recycled woods, stone and raw concrete provide a clean canvas for the creation of this café-come living room. The side walls have been artfully composed revealing a layer of objects and product as if one has carefully displayed their life-long collectables. These walls contain the dynamic space within. A long, comfortable sofa, custom-designed tables and stools add a fresh and friendly calmness to the chaos of the bustling café. A full window-wall facing the street not only exposes the café action, but also provides plentiful natural light. It too has an outdoor bench, an extension of the internal living room to the streetscape, and so the flow of people and coffee pouring can be felt from the outside.

One visit is not enough. You too will be back to find your regular spot at Toby’s Estate – see you there!

Originally posted at Share Design. Photos by Melissa Hom.