Back in 2010 animator Lauri Warsta took us on an aural adventure following the journey of a parcel from London Helsinki. What we heard in her film was the behind the scenes process our mail takes after we drop it down a chute. In this grand tradition of opening our eyes to usually-unseen delivery processes comes a new video from Delta airlines, revealing what goes on in the time between your bag being tagged at check-in and collected at a carousel at your destination.

After fitting a generic black suitcase with six internal cameras, the crew at Delta sent it down the conveyer belt into the bowels of the airport, where it was prepped for a two-hour flight from Atlanta to New York. Apart from the TSA screening process, the camera captured every element of the bag’s trip, before it arrived safely on the carousel at JFK.

All this was done to promote Delta’s new mobile App, which has a “track your bag” function in case you ever find yourself as one of the unlucky people who arrive luggage-less.