Breaking Bad just ended it’s most revelatory season yet. Lots of great stuff happened in that last episode: Hank may know, Heisenberg may be dead, Walt-Heisenberg killed 9 people without even thinking about it, the Czech Republic was mentioned, but hey, that was almost a week ago. Everything great that will be said about that episode has already been said. All we have left to do is wait, or just rewatch all the episodes obsessively until we notice some crazy foreshadowing or something (OMG Crazy 8 and the principal from the high school Walt taught at have the same last name! Are they related? [the nomenclature observation is real, not just a silly example; check out the Wiki for “Breaking Bad characters”.]

But since there’s nothing to be said, let’s kick it over to the things to be watched. Since you’re here, I’ll assume you watched the goddamn show, so we’ll be taking a look at some great fan-created video content the show has spawned.