Like most things, big hair comes in and out of fashion. One season it might be uber-chic to have Empire State Building-high hair and next season the drowned rat look becomes much more de rigueur. For those dedicated to hair spray and curlers, film is often the only place you can satiate your big hair fetish while remaining part of polite society.

Just quietly, we love big hair. If it was up to us the Georgian hairstyle epoch would never have ended. Marie Antoinette would be the eternal hair idol, shitting all over The Rachel from on high and dispensing classist bits of wisdom about cake forever. Since we are not God and cannot rewind and freeze the course of history — yet — Portable has compiled a list of the best big hair in film. Read on after the jump for the most scrunchable, pattable and death-defying hair height this side of the 18th century.