If you weren’t having a particularly good start to Thursday, that’s about to change, because now Beyonce has a Tumblr. Cancel your plans for the rest of the day because once you start you wont be able to stop. The Tumblr hosts an array of videos of Beyonce being incredibly relatable to make you love her even more, and, if you’re anything like us, boost your belief that you and she could be BFFs by at least 17. The Tumblr is candid, revealing, and downright awesome, and continues the Sasha Fierce/4 story in which Beyonce continues to be at once decidedly “Of the people” while maintaining a transcendent level of perfection. Can you tell we love Beyonce?

The Tumblr also includes a video of a pregnant Bey on holiday in Jamaica talking about the inspiration behind her daughter’s name, “Blue Ivy”… A tree. Yes, Beyonce named her child after a tree. Quite a pretty tree, mind you, but a tree nonetheless. Whatever; we still love you, Bey.