The humble bicycle plus New York City’s urban landscape is a popular combination that’s inspired a raft of short films right now, namely the recently released The Holstee Manifesto: Lifecycle Video by Holstee and Buzzfeed‘s All of Broadway time-lapse video.

Holstee‘s latest video is similar to a moving greeting card, using a bike-riding journey through NYC to visually bring to life the cult manifesto they developed in 2009, which since its unveil has become a social media sharing sensation. Lines from the inspiring life mantra—”Do what you love”, “Stop over analyzing, Life is simple”—intersperse footage of people from all walks of life against classic backdrops of the Brooklyn Bridge or city skyline. As Holstee explains, a sustainable lifestyle goods company, it’s all about motivating people to “live a life full of intention, creativity, passion and community”.

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All of Broadway showcases the diversity of New York’s suburbs and streetscapes from a different perspective however—using timelapse footage from behind the bike wheel as it travels 13 miles along you guessed it, Broadway, one of the city’s oldest streets. Starting from the Northern tip of Manhattan at Inwood, it’s a lightning pace ride right down to the Southern tip of Bowling Green. It highlights all the nuances of different areas, from the low-rise Northern suburbs, wide leafy tree-lined blocks of the Upper West Side into the high-rise, bustling shopping centric areas of Times Square, Union Square and Soho; before heading downtown through Occupy Wall Street and finally, Battery Park. An interesting view of the city that never sleeps, minus the legwork.