Holy smokes. No folks, this isn’t some gloriously strange promo for the non-existent sequel to 8 Mile, this is for real. Justin Bieber, YouTube songsation-cum-teenage super-mega popstar, can rap. And if this freestyle session from an interview with L.A. Radio station Power 106 is anything to go by, the kid has the capacity to lay down some pretty fresh lyrics at the drop of a hat (or, in this case, at the drop of the loop from Kanye & Jay-Z’s Otis).

Fully embracing his swag-tastic alter-ego Shawty Mane (the name could probably use a re-write, just putting that out there), Bieber has come into the rap game swinging from all angles – including tapping into the niche market of rap-remixed Christmas Carols. Jaunty fedora in tow, Mane/Bieber raps about what he knows—fame and babes (“I got honeys all up on me, baby I just get it done-y”).

Although this writer has never really given the kid a chance, after watching this impressive freestylin’ there may in fact be one new subscription to the tribe of the Beliebers.