There he is: dressed in a bizarre mash up of vintage tatters and General Pants oddities, battered Vans gracing his feet, clutching a soy latte in his hand while smoking a cigarette, reading Kafka, using Instagram to take a photo of him reading Kafka, all whilst pedaling his fixie in the bike lane, sans helmet. There he is, your Bondi Hipster. First Australia had The Bedroom Philosopher, now a little ways up the coast there is the YouTube sensation, Bondi Hipsters. The series started as short weekly videos, parodying and following the lives of the hopelessly stuck up and nauseatingly indie dudes, Dom and Adrian. We saw them buying vintage clothes, we saw them discuss global warming, we saw them in Bondi. Now they’ve gone a bit viral with a long awaited parody song, The Life Organic.

The boys have nailed it once again: The Life Organic is completely hilarious and really clever: the detail in which creators the Van Vuuren Brothers indulge in hipster slander is impressive, and most importantly, accurate. Exploring the deeply unsettling White Sydney Overly Pretentious Overly Privileged Male Complex through song, be prepared for gags about coffee, cigarettes, irony, making up words like ‘presh’, organic food, hating gluten, vintage, coke and being broke. Sydney locals will be disturbingly aware of this specimen: you know – on the 333, from Bondi Beach to  Circular Quay. (Did we mention this song is ridiculously catchy? It’s annoyingly catchy. Damn hipsters) but no doubt wherever you’re from there’s a nice colony of hipsters breeding. Beware.