A week in the life of the Internet is like, 7 years. So for a cat looking at the Internet, there’s a lot of really fucked up time warping and advance aging going on. We can barely even do the math. This week in the Internet so much happened that we don’t even really know where to start, suffice to say that Kanye West popped up again (natch), there was a meme-ready bear in there and Beyonce was named the most beautiful person in the world (like, duh).

  • Did anyone else do a massive open-mouthed palm-to-forehead slap when Beyonce was named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman Of The Year? In, like, a “WELL, DUH!” sort of way? Anyway, Bey’s the first black woman to hold the title in 9 years, so Jezebel have taken the liberty of making this a race issue, and we agree; the highly publicised award is largely racially biased, not to mention misrepresentative of the world at large (but then again, the whole notion of perfect, photoshopped beauty is pretty arbitrary to begin with). [Jezebel]
  • More meme ready than Angelina Jolie’s right leg, this tranquilized bear falling out of a tree in Colorado is actually the best thing you’re going to see this week, and maybe next week as well. [Colorado Daily]
  • In other really fucked up music news, the surviving members of TLC are planning on touring the tragically deceased Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes as a hologram, and we feel like they might have forgotten their own advice, and have taken to chasing waterfalls. In sum, don’t. Chase waterfalls and make holograms of dead people for concerts, that is. [Portable]
  • We suppose this is important, because we already asked the question “Is Azealia Banks The Next Lana Del Rey”, and now Azzy is rapping on a Mark Foster remixed version of Lany’s “Blue Jeans”. It’s fucking terrible, and sort of makes us really dislike all three of these artists. [Idolator]
  • It’s all about Kimmy K and Yeezy this week, with the pair spotted canoodling almost everywhere. We know it’s sick, but we want more. MORE, DAMNIT! [NY Daily News]
  • Speaking of KimYe, the Tribeca film festival (where Kimmy was apparently looking pretty awkward) has announced it’s winners, who are all probably far more worthy of your attention than the grotesque celebrity “romance.” [Tribeca Film]
  • We’ve got influential style blogger Susie Bubble out in Australia doing a round of exclusive talks, so if you happen to be down under be sure to get yourself a ticket to one of the remaining shows; they’re selling fast! [Portable]

Awesome collage by the incredible Bel Downie.