Our two favorite things are collages and the Internet, and every week we’ll be bringing the two together so you can find out what links have been doing the rounds of the Portable offices, along with a pretty picture to match! This week: M.I.A gets political again, Slutever‘s Karley Sciortino talks pee drinking and the promise of the yet-to-be-release Girls offends everyone. Oh, and Kanye West is everywhere, doing everything, all the time

  • M.I.A. is composing music for Julian Assange’s new talk show, The World Tomorrow. Will this expunge the truffle fries incident and redeem her for that fucking awful song she just put out with Madonna? Seems like Maya is getting back to doing what she does best as a political agitator, and it’s a Maya we much prefer. [via NY Mag]
  • The Internet has already gone Girls crazy, and the show hasn’t even launched yet. Come Sunday night’s premiere we’re guessing that the furore will only intensify, especially as Portable will be recapping the show every Monday. Meanwhile, there are some great reads about the import of the show, and why Lena Dunham seems to have offended a whole contingent of blog-ready critics. [via Flavorwire]
  • Kanye West has done lots of things this week, most notably remaining hilariously silent in this interview, in an absurdist, post-post-modern celebrity sort of way. [via Billboard]
  • Another thing that Kanye West did was privately rent out a floor at NYC toy store F.A.O Schwatrz to impress Kim Kardashian. Also absurd, but not in the same way as his silence (above), and not so much post-modern as pre-apocalyptic. Considering we’re impressed when a guy simply holds open a door or pulls out a chair, we hope Kimmy appreciated Kanye’s lavish… ingenuity? [via Hip Hop Wired]
  • One more tid-bit from camp Ye: Apparently, our President Obama is more of a fan of Jay-Z than he is of Kanye, saying of Yeezy, “He is s a jackass; but he’s talented.” One more reason to vote Obama 2012? [Gawker]
  • Complex put together a list of the top 50 best sneaker moments in film, and we’ve got to tell you; not only do we wish we came up with this post first, like white on rice, we’re all over the Marty McFly look. [via Complex]

Awesome collage by the incredible Bel Downie.