Attention everyone, this is a public service announcement. It contains vital information regarding your children, their safety and Dave Franco’s abs. Be sure to pay very close attention.

The younger, but similarly dashing of the Franco brothers cares about the welfare of your children. The earnestness in his eyes may make you want to weep (and/or simultaneously seek out your children to ensure their safety from vicious predators), but, frazzled parents, continue to be lulled by the sound of Franco’s voice. His message is an important one.

He preaches three vital lessons:

  1. Never talk to strangers
  2. Don’t walk alone at night
  3. Teen Idols are likely to be creeps

The first two are fairly standard neurotic-mother talk, the third words only one with experience and knowledge of such affairs could utter. Oh, Dave Franco, your wisdom and handsomeness are unparalleled.

He urges, in silky and dulcet tones, for parents to oversee their children’s behaviour: FOR THEIR OWN SAKE. You are not snooping, you are protecting. It may appear otherwise to your treasured brethren, but they are too young to understand. They must be shielded from potentially suspicious individuals, especially teen idols who have grown old (and may have tendencies for wearing mankinis).

Feeling reassured, you might continue to watch the informative and relevant PSA with a feeling of smugness within. But wait; hold a second, what is this sudden downwards camera pan? HE’S NAKED?! IN A ROOM WITH PINK WALLPAPER?! Sudden shock may permeate your being, but then, caught up in the excitement of the young and innocent on-screen girl, you remember that he is Dave Franco. And this has been a public service announcement.

via vulture.