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Mikala Bierma is a sassy New York comic whose favorite accessory is her unassuming best friend, and token gay, Tyler Coates. Or so she pretends in their beloved webseries Disappointing Gay Best Friend, in which tired cliches about straight, single women and their catty gay handbags are squashed.

Each episode sees Mikala excitedly proposing a stereotypical activity a girl and her GBF would partake in—if this were a reality show about women who drink during the day—before the unenthused Tyler (who wears the same flannel in each video to further reinforce his lack of pizzazz) tells her he’d rather eat Thai food and watch Netflix.

We’ve spent so many hours watching them discussing Lady Gaga, musicals and brunch, that we decided to invite them to share their own YouTube favorites in this week’s What We’re Watching. Click through to view their picks.