It is possible to be jealous of another man’s dreams?

Being jealous of another man’s life makes sense, some lives are simply better than others. No “grass is greener” bullshit, some people simply live better, more fulfilled lives.

There are definitely things to be done to better your life, but only to a point; some people will always live better than you. Sure, you can just come to terms with that and be happy with what you have — changing your perspective of a “good life” is something totally in your control — but in the end someone else might be living the life you want, and you have no control over that.

Dreams are a different story. If you’re not a lucid dreamer, you have no control over your dreams, but even still they are a product of your own creation: they wouldn’t exist if you didn’t, and the parameters are set by your brain. Your brain is you. So is wishing for the dreams of another absurd?

If so, than absurd is I, and I is absurd… or something.

The dream presented in “DreamReal 01 Skyfortress” is the ideal dream: it has no groundings in reality, it is epic in the classical way, not the Facebook status way, it involves the unfathomable, and it has a comic twist.

DreamReal was created by an animator who has people describe their dreams, then animates them. This is the first dream in the project, and the animator is taking submissions for future dreams to be animated.

What does the awesomeness of this dream say about society? Joseph Campbell has a whole spiel about how myths are our collective dreams (separate from collective unconscious,) but dreams are our own personal myths, wherein we take the day’s zeitgeist and our own personal lives and weave stories.

So, existences is butts?

Some say you just dream when you’re dead, that some crazy DMT-type stuff is released in your brain and one moment of chemical reaction leads to an eternity of dreaming. If I had to dream for eternity, I’d love to dream of butts. Butts are the American dream.

This video is excellently produced, from primo dream selection, to quality animation and music, but the idea is not unique, check out more great animated dreams from a great mind who thought alike, and has been doing this for awhile:

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