It’s pretty hard to dislike Emma Watson. Even when she first graced our screens as the do-gooder Hermione she had her moments, and as the wizarding franchise expanded, so did her congeniality. But we were all a tad nervous when the films finally ended and she was to be suddenly thrust from her Hogwarts comfort zone and into the awfully judgemental world that is Hollywood. Would she live to tell the tale?

Luckily (for us), she has cleverly flaunted an image far from her spellbinding character in the two years that have passed. It all started with that dramatic haircut (as all good reinventions should), and then came a blossoming fashion career, several roles in some pretty terrific films, and all kinds of appearances and magazine covers where she came out of her very pretty shell. She even managed to share a hilarious boogie on a certain late-night chat show.

And her reign doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon, with her sights set on conquering blockbusters and campaigns alike, all while contradicting the notion of a bratty Beverly Hills child star. She’s a whole new mould of screen siren, and an especially lovely one at that.

Here’s a look at her successes since saying goodbye to Hermione Granger, and also a sneak peek at what we can expect from our favourite pixie-haired, Burberry-sporting Brit in the near future.